But I, being poor, have only my dreams; 
I have spread my dreams under your feet; 
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.


So this is happened…

Sthlikethese became my 1000th one ;))) for that you are getting a request! Any! Ask away.

I’m just really overwhelmed by this right now… Never in the wildest dreams I thought I would be followed by so many people. This is much more than I’ve ever met in my whole life!!!! Thanks you!!! All of you!!!

But why? Seriously… Why?

God I love you so much!!! And I want to do something for you!!! So I’m thinking about a giveaway… From me to you ;) What do you think of it?

A mixed one SPN and Renner stuff? Or two separate?

— I have this idea of a fic… —

It’s about Dean’s time in Hell. No graphic torture or such stuff but still quite vivid, non-con and not very me…  

I can’t take it out of my head…

So I just wondering if I should write it or not…

— Another stupid question: What is Instagram? And why do people have to brag about making pics of a very bad quality? —
— stupid question: In Hurt Locker why they all speak about the distance in meters? —

Shouldn’t it be feet for Americans?

— Strange thing has happened to me today… —

My conscience seemed to awaken… Telling me it’s morally wrong fantasizing, writing and publishing my fantasies about the real person.

I’m talking about me writing the smut about Jensen… It isn’t even finished yet… So yeah… Now I’m at a loss and do not know what to do…


— I know I’m ordinary… —



With the bunch of extraordinary people surrounding me here on Tumblr, I’m really surprised I have any followers at all…

So now I’m curious… Please tell me, why are you following me?

And I’ll tell you why I’m following you ;)

Because you are you.  A good sense of humor, such an amazing writer, someone who understands my scary obsession with Dean Winchester.  I am amazed at you all the time!

TELL ME MORE!!! ;)))

But seriously, YOU are amazing!!! YOU help me with my petty, stupid questions about writing, which I’m sure you got tired at work. YOUR ideas are brilliant! YOU sense of humor is the first thing that draw me to your blog! YOUR diversity in fandoms, erudition, creativity and may other qualities (I just do no know English words for them ;) that what hooked me to your blog FOREVER!!!

— Am I the only one who really does NOT care about “relationships” in fanfiction? —

For me a good plot is much more importain!