But I, being poor, have only my dreams; 
I have spread my dreams under your feet; 
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.




The Avengers P61|?

Have you ever wondered why Barton was the only one wearing dark sunglasses in that scene?

What did he have to hide?

For me, even beyond shipping it like FedEx, this is Barton trying not to give away what he knows about Coulson. Because Phil Coulson is his handler and while he was out of his gourd, Loki tried to run Coulson through. Even if he didn’t conquer the Earth (which was not really Loki’s goal to begin with, we all know that), Loki still thinks he killed one of them and Stark didn’t shy away from making it known how badly that affected them.

This is Barton trying his best not to give away anything about that.

Because, and this is where my headcanon trips balls into shippy territory, how often did Phil coerce him into watching World Series of Poker? How often did Clint complain that poker players wearing sunglasses was ridiculous? And how often did Phil explain the fundamentals of tells, how a person’s eyes can give them away, how where a person looks can tell his or her opponent everything about the cards they’re holding?

I like to think that this is Barton not wanting to give away that Phil Coulson is still alive.

I like to think that, I really do.

But Barton goes through the effort to look cool and give nothing away, right until the end. Then he smiles and it’s so smug that it almost seems to undo everything he’s trying to achieve by looking so unruffled by Loki’s presence.

Not all tells give away a good hand.

Maybe, behind those sunglasses, he’s a wreck. He’s just as much of a mess as Stark led Loki to believe.

Because Coulson is dead.

And that smug little smile is Clint Barton’s attempt at a bluff.

He’s not very good at poker.

OK… I like that version…

NO!!! NOT really!!! WHY!!!

No, no, no, no…. NO.

Please, take it baaaack :(