KATYA, 33. My blog is a mess.

Все люди как люди, а я - Королевна!



So you should be happy for me, just a tiny little bit.

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! The dialogs, the actors…

Men I like in no particular order: 3. David Tennant


Red Nose Day - David Tennant and Catherine Tate for Comic Relief [subtitled] (by randycandyxx)


This is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!

"Are you disrespecting the house of Cooper?”

Doctor Who Fan has his dream realized by staring in a mini-segment on John Barrowman’s show, Tonight’s the Night.

GOD!!! This is just amazing!!!!

"… and John?"


"My. TARDIS is mine!"


"Say, Sorry."


Moffat’s the kind of writer who likes watching you suffer through his intricate plot twists and turns. RTD was the kind of writer who snuck up behind you, dropped a bombshell, and then ran away cackling into the night.

That feel… THE ACTUALLY BEST!!!!