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Westen Ukranians just shot several people in Slaviansk. Sooo is it again Russia’s fault or it’s just an IDIOTIK government the SHOOT IT”S OWN PEOPLE????

dude that´s literally the opposite of what our media say

who to believe I ask

Here are the link for what our news tell about this story. It’s all in Russian but you can always use google translate ;). In short that Western Ukranian forces today atacked militia man is Slaviansk. Several people dead. There is an evidense of one dead local woman. NOT military.

And for the hundreds of times. THERE ARE NO OFFICIAL Russian military on the territory of Ukraine.

As a reaction to that act of aggression Russian military minister ordered to start a Russians military training activities on the TERRITORY OF RUSSIA near Ukranian borders!  

this is what we have here.

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