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Well fuck, cakeisnotpie. Now I’m thinking you’re the Clairvoyant.


Do you think Grant Ward turned to evil because he never even got a chance to bang Phil Coulson? Because I do.
— The ONE thing I am taking away from this weeks Agents of SHIELD?! —




Grant Ward is definitely NOT straight …

Call it wishful thinking or me just having a ball but … COME ON.

*Ward on the phone with Skye, flirting about quarterbacks and cheerleaders and the all american boy*

Garrett: “That straight version of you is something else”

—- *later*

Ward: “Agent May was a major threat, so I let things get … intimate.”
Raina: “You don’t seem like her type.”
Ward: “I’m everyone’s type.”

—- *later*

Ward is again talking to Skye on the phone, keeping up the charade, and walks in on Garrett changing clothes, shirtless, and proceeds to watch him while talking to Skye.

I don’t even care what you all think or if it’s just me being silly, I had the most fun EVER playing my own little game of “Spot BI!WARD” while watching the episode and no one can take that away from me *manic grin*

I’m glad I’m not the only one who picked that up and went ‘huh…I can see it.’

Does this mean I’m shipping Garrett/Ward now?

Considering how they both were during the “gotta punch you to make it convincing” thing, I’d say “yup, definitely” cause that had a definite “kinky foreplay” vibe :P :P

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this gif just made my day lmao